Jaz Johnstone

Been writing since I could hold a pen.. poetry, blogs and currently working on my novel.

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You Know You're a Stay at Home Mum When
6 days ago
Everybody parents in a different way, but I think there are some things we can agree on. I have a two year old, a one year old and am heavily pregnant and my life now looks very different than three y...
Turkey Twizzlers or Chia Seeds, You're Probably Doing a Good Job
13 days ago
Today, I had a moment of wonder whilst watching my children play. I was in the (lovely) house of my good friend, our other good friend was there, along with three two year olds, one one year old, a ni...
My Children Were Not Accidents
a month ago
As of right now, I am sitting on the sofa watching my two sons play together. The eldest is two years and two months, the youngest is one year and one month and I am thirty weeks pregnant today. I am ...
A Letter to My Mother In Law
a month ago
Dear Mother in Law, I remember years ago, getting off the school bus and strolling slowly down an unfamiliar path to your house. The sun was shining, ponies were in the field next to us as I walked ha...
Get in the Picture!
2 months ago
When visiting my parents house, it's easy to find a row of photo albums standing proudly on their bookshelf. There's a big box of photos, all in their paper envelopes, tucked in the cupboard. All of t...