irene tijam

We need to spend our outer and inner lives equally in order to live well and beautifully.  

My First-Born Has Encountered Seven Terrifying Incidents While Growing Up
3 months ago
Raising children is the most challenging and toughest job on earth. Children are prone to all kinds of accidents which sometimes are life threatening. You have to keep your sanity while raising them. ...
A Tribute to the Three Women Who Shaped the Lives of Twelve Siblings
5 months ago
I grew up in my grandmother's house wherein my childhood memories were deeply cherished. It was there where discipline and moral values were strictly imposed and observed. Being the first granddaughte...
Growing Up Memories of 12 Siblings
a year ago
A brother and a sister are God’s gift from heaven. God gave me not one, not three, but eight sisters and three brothers. I am the eldest among the nine girls. As I grew older, little sisters and a bro...