Dollface Killah

I'm an artist for all intents and purposes. Beading, writing, painting and momming like a boss are just some of my hobbies 😊

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A Love Like No Other: Part One
9 months ago
After days, weeks, or even months of pain and uncertainty, the moment is finally here! You are about to meet your firstborn child for the very first time. So many thoughts and questions cross your min...
Toddlers, Trials and Tribulations Part 1
10 months ago
Toddlers are a breed unto themselves. They have newly discovered that they are in fact independent of their parents, and so they act accordingly. Once a child as young as one year old realizes that th...
Family Elements
10 months ago
Family has a connection like no other. The members of our families are connected to us through blood, through love, and through sheer will power at times. Families all have their ups and downs, their ...
Planning for Pregnancy, Fertility Facts and Alternative Methods
10 months ago
When it comes to reproduction, fertility is the number one focus for many. Some people aren't able to conceive naturally. Studies have shown that one in seven women will have problems with infertility...