Deborah Portillo

I'm constantly on the move. If I don't release my thoughts; they will slowly destroy me. I have a personal blog, but there's no money there. So here I am... trying to make at least a buck. 

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Life Drastically Changes
4 months ago
After my grandma Alma passed away, my life felt as though it had come to drastic changes. I was now living in our front house without grandma Alma, and I knew she was not coming home from the hospital...
Grandma Alma
4 months ago
An old Mexican song plays in the background, with the sounds of shuffling feet and banging of pots and pans. I hear her undertone singing to the lyrics, “Mami que sera lo que quiere el negro? Mami que...
My Novella Life
4 months ago
I come from a family where love is not shown often, and it's expressed with words of mocking. I grew up in a home where I never felt like it was mine, and I always felt as though I didn't belong. My m...