D. A. Rhine

I'm an author of romance novels, acrylic artist, happy wife of 25 years, and a proud mother of two beautiful, brilliant young adults!

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Postpartum Depression
2 months ago
Leaving the hospital without my baby, I believe, was the catalyst for the beginning of my postpartum depression. It was my second pregnancy and it was fairly normal until early in the third trimester....
Even Supermoms Have Bad Days
3 months ago
Not every day is super as a mom. We love our kids and would do anything for them, but there are days when hiding in the back of our closet with a bottle of red wine and a soft blanket seems like a goo...
Parenting and Dyslexia
3 months ago
"My daughter can't say her ABCs or count higher than ten. She writes her B's as D's and sixes as nines," I informed my daughter's preschool teacher. "She's learning at her own pace and many children h...