Crystal Greer

I am trying to get my Colorful Warmth Creations up and running. I found that I love making blankets and I love the making friends smile. Thank you. Colorful Warmth Creations!☆

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Little Girl Lost
8 months ago
I was only a year and half when my parents got divorced. It was just my mom and me. I have a lot of memories of when I was little but most of those memories are through pictures and stories. I am not ...
Summer Time In Maine!
9 months ago
This is my son when he was 3 years old. This is very first time my son and I have seen the ocean. My husband has seen it many times on account that he has traveled the world. Anyway, back to our summe...
Family of Blankets
9 months ago
I was on Facebook a year ago and I came across this post from a lady that was starting a GoFundMe page and the post was saying that this family had lost their home from a fire. Well I clicked on the l...