Courtney Schmale

Currently 20 Years Old, Writer, Outdoorsy Person, Painter, Photographer.

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Can't Turn To Your Daddy
9 months ago
There's these days that go by within a blink of an eye. I wake and start my day like any-other person. I take care of myself, my family and at the end of the day; I go to bed. Then there's these night...
a year ago
It wakes me up at night. It startles me awake and demands me to release what it can’t hold anymore. Over-loaded. My brain runs twenty four seven; even when I’m asleep I’m pondering on something. It wa...
a year ago
Everyone has a story. Our minds sometimes forget chunks of those stories that belong to us. Sometimes we can’t stop our brains from protecting us. I’ve always thought that if no-one is around to prote...
a year ago
For the last year in a half, I've been wondering why something hasn't gone wrong yet. It was like a ticking time bomb that had finally been set off. I have everything that I've always wanted. I have a...
a year ago
I can't tell you in words how this feels. I feel as if my body had placed a war against me and I've lost. I feel as if I'm sitting back eating popcorn as a small massacre is going on within my uterus....