Claire Raymond

Claire is an author, editor and copywriter from the UK, with over 12 years of experience she covers a wide range of subject matter. She likes coffee, cats and wolf creek.

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7 Ways to Cope with Christmas in the Closet
4 months ago
Christmas is meant to be the "most wonderful time of the year" and all that, but as much as companies might paint this picture of the ideal family Christmas, it's a massive lie. No family has the perf...
The Lies We Tell Kids
7 months ago
Anyone who says that they never lie to their children, is, well, a liar. We tell lies to kids every single day, and not just the Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy stuff, important stuff, real stuff. Parents...
How To Cope When You Hate Your In-Laws
9 months ago
Nobody gets along with everybody. It's human nature to dislike or even hate someone and sometimes that someone is an in-law (or in-laws). But hating your in-laws can make for some very difficult and u...
Coping With Your Parents' Divorce As An Adult
9 months ago
According to experts, the number of couples over the age of 50 filing for divorce has more than doubled since the year 1990. This can be a shock to any adult children involved in divorce, as there see...
How To Cope with a Drug Addict In the Family
9 months ago
According to research conducted by the Orlando Recover Center, the children of those suffering with an addiction are 8 times more likely to develop an addiction themselves. In fact, biology and geneti...