Claire Raymond

Claire is an author, editor and copywriter from the UK, with over 12 years of experience she covers a wide range of subject matter. 

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The Lies We Tell Kids
a month ago
Anyone who says that they never lie to their children, is, well, a liar. We tell lies to kids every single day, and not just the Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy stuff, important stuff, real stuff. Parents...
How To Cope When You Hate Your In-Laws
4 months ago
Nobody gets along with everybody. It's human nature to dislike or even hate someone and sometimes that someone is an in-law (or in-laws). But hating your in-laws can make for some very difficult and u...
Coping With Your Parents' Divorce As An Adult
4 months ago
According to experts, the number of couples over the age of 50 filing for divorce has more than doubled since the year 1990. This can be a shock to any adult children involved in divorce, as there see...
How To Cope with a Drug Addict In the Family
4 months ago
According to research conducted by the Orlando Recover Center, the children of those suffering with an addiction are 8 times more likely to develop an addiction themselves. In fact, biology and geneti...