Chuck Hinson

Chuck Hinson is a freelance writer who also works as a record promoter and press agent for musical acts in the US, Australia and the UK.  

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The Miracle of "Firsts"
7 months ago
The year was 1965. My father was in the garden one afternoon, picking green beans when I arrived home from the school bus stop. He waved at me as I came into the yard and hollered, "Hey, son! How was ...
A Big Lesson from a Simple Banana
9 months ago
The old school bus #28 was packed the afternoon it left Pineville (NC) Elementary School and, about a mile farther, lumbered up Morrow Avenue with its load of rowdy-but-tired students. It stopped and ...
How to Wake Up a Sleeping Teen
9 months ago
One of the most puzzling creatures on planet Earth are those who come into this world as human babies. These small creatures move about within the female as they form and have plenty of room to move a...