Christina Scanlon

37 year old introvert and professional procrastinator. I love video games and writing as it is therapy for my mental illness. I hope you read my stories and share them with your friends!

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How My Family Broke Me, a Story About Surviving a Narcissistic Family
8 days ago
I’m angry. Bottled up frustration and anger is not healthy for anyone, even those involved. One person can only be pushed so far before they crack and the flood gates open. I grew up in a narcissistic, toxic, and selfish household, where you were expected to sink or swim. I endured years of emotional abuse at the hands of the people who were supposed to care for me and about me. These were the people that were supposed to lift me up, encourage me, push me to do great thing. Instead, I was ridicu...
When I Realized I Don't Want Children
a month ago
There comes a time for every woman to question what they want in life, whether it be a career, family, finances, etc.—that ever nagging feeling of questioning one's life choices. Some women want big f...