Catherine Luna

Im a mom with a passion for writing amongst other things! 

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Today Was Hard
2 months ago
Today was a hard day. Harder than most. Today I woke up exhausted, more than usual anyway, but my toddler woke up with more energy than ever. My potty-trained two-year-old decided today that he didn't...
Sometimes the Picture Doesn't Match Reality
2 months ago
When my husband and I started trying for a family, we both went into it with this fantasy of a perfect life, with no fighting, no hurt feelings, tons of sleep, and no frustration or resentment EVER. I...
The Big Image Divide
2 months ago
I've read tons of articles about how mothers need to be careful about how they refer to themselves and their bodies in front of their children, namely their little girls. The logic behind this is pret...
The Working Mom Vs. Stay at Home Mom Debate
8 months ago
If you ask working moms who has it harder, they will probably say working while staying on top of their kids and home is the hardest, and if you ask a stay at home mom, they will probably tell you tha...