Ann King

A woman of the world who feels like she has already lived many lifetimes and adventures in just a handful of decades.

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Father's Will Tore the Family Apart
2 months ago
It is sad when anyone loses a member of their family. Most people go through the necessary process to get through things. Funeral, grieving and eventually settling the deceased's estate. The funeral a...
How to Be a Grandma in 2019
2 months ago
Being a grandma—you would think it would be a piece of cake, a walk in the park—I mean, after all, we have already raised our children. That is how we were crowned with the coveted title of "Grandma."...
Hope You Can Live With Yourself
a year ago
Sometimes you just have to cut people out of your lives and move on. I have tried with all of my might to remain considerate and polite throughout the handling of my husband's estate. Now it seems tha...
The Family Fight Over Dad's Estate
a year ago
One never thinks it will happen within their family. I am talking about the total self-destruction of the family unit that you have had all of your life. Well, I am here to tell you that your family/s...