Anita Powell

I am a retired from working at the Defense Department and i am also a vet. I live with my spouse and 2 dogs. We have a e-commerce store Uniquethingsthingsonline.com. We live in Florida now but came from New Jersey. I am writing a teen book

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Gender Identity, Really
23 days ago
I am a senior lesbian, but gender identity is something I just can't believe in wholeheartedly. When I hear about kids as young as three going through any type of gender assignment, I wonder what has ...
Holidays and Family
a month ago
The holidays have come and gone, and for Unique Things, we were hoping for big money. Did that happen? Nope. While we did make some money, it wasn’t the hundreds on hundreds of dollars that we thought...
A Grandmother's Dilemma
a month ago
This is my dilemma: I have three grandsons; the oldest is 16, soon to be 17, and it seems the relationship I had with him has faded. How many of you find that as your grandchildren have gotten older t...
Going Home to Paradise
2 months ago
Going To God’s Paradise My mother passed away just before the joyous family time that is called Christmas. When I wrote this, my mom was slowly changing before my eyes. I had the same feeling each and...
What Comes First Dog or Baby
2 months ago
The decision to get a dog or have a baby should be discussed before you get married. There are some people who think having a dog is just too much work with the feeding, walking, and not to mention th...