Angel Perez

 I have had a passion for writing since I was a child. Writing has been my therapy.The rest is a mystery :)

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Why Custody Cases Are a No Win Situation
4 months ago
When I was granted sole physical and legal custody of my daughter, the overwhelming response from most friends and family was, "Congratulations, Yay! You won! It's over," or some variation of that. By...
The Night That Time Stood Still
8 months ago
I can still see it all so clearly yet it seems like a blur. How that contradiction is even possible is beyond me, but it is. I can attest to that. My little boy was in the backseat. I can still hear h...
Protecting Your Child at All Costs
a year ago
One of the hardest things a parent will ever have to experience is protecting their child from the other parent. It's heart wrenching because most parents want nothing more than to foster a good, heal...