Andrea Dawson

A fitness blogger and a personal trainer.

Six Tips to Help Strengthen Your Family's Bond
5 months ago
Between work, school, errands, and extracurricular activities, family life can be a whirlwind. Spending time to reconnect with your loved ones can help you enjoy a more meaningful and deeper relations...
How To Document Your Child's Milestones
6 months ago
They say that days move a lot faster when you’re raising a child. So naturally, as a parent, you want to be able to remember all the beautiful moments that you had with your little one while he or she...
6 Enjoyable Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together
8 months ago
Some families drift apart once all the kids have grown up. They only speak to each other on special occasions. Nobody even picks up the phone on a Sunday afternoon. Is this what you want to happen to ...
How to Create an Emergency Plan for Older Parents
9 months ago
I have recently babysat my friend’s toddlers because she had to tend to her mother who suffered a domestic accident. Unfortunately, she was severely hurt. After dealing with the aftermath of this even...
What Happens If Your Baby Is Born Earlier than Expected?
10 months ago
My friend Karen discovered this when she went into labor several weeks before her due date. Her husband was at work at the time, so she took a taxi to the hospital. After a substantial wait at the hos...