Amanda Vadeboncoeur

I am a 32 year old single mother. I work a full time job to support myself and my daughter. I love writing so in my free time ( which is almost none) that's what I do!! 

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My Promise to My Daughter
8 months ago
Oh my little one, how time does fly. Where you once were smaller than my chest you now fill my torso with your snuggles. You reach up to gently touch my face and it melts my heart. From waking every t...
To the Parent with the Sick Child
9 months ago
Everybody knows cold and flu season is no fun, and parents know it can be hazardous to the whole family. We all know cold germs spread like wildfire, and the flu? Once it hits a household you'll be lu...
Being a Mom
9 months ago
I am a single mother because my daughter's father passed away before I knew I was even pregnant. I will have to explain to her that her father chose to drink and drive and it cost him his life. Being ...
9 months ago
So you're about to have a baby. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Time to make some decisions! Picking names, decorating the nursery, buying clothes, furniture, toys, and car seats. You will carefully weigh each de...