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It's Ok to Release Toxins
a day ago
No one wants to have toxic people in their lives taking their joy away or making them unhappy. But what do you do if the very people making you unhappy and plain miserable are the ones that share your blood? How do you walk away from your family? What do you do if they keep bringing you down? It is definitely harder for someone who is so close with their families, especially if it is a parent that is causing the issues. I personally am not around my dad, because he chooses to not be an active pe...
Things Not to Do When Getting a Divorce
a day ago
DO NOT lie to the kids—if you have kids do not lie to them about what is happening to their family, why you and your spouse are choosing to get a divorce, or what is going to happen next. Kids are alr...
Who Is Your Top Dog?
19 days ago
Who comes first to you? Is it your wife? Is it your mother? Maybe your kids? Where does your baby mama fit in? Who is the one that you turn to in your time of need? Who do you count on when you're ups...
Hurtful Words Can't Be Unspoken
a month ago
Some words can never be unsaid once they have been said. Some words that have been spoken can hurt long after they are spoken, and they can be thought about over and over again. These words can and wi...
Always Defend Your Wife As Your Marriage Depends On It
a month ago
I want to answer this by asking, "Well, duh. Are you stupid?" But that might be too mean, so I will answer this by saying of course! Would you not want your wife to do the same? How can you let ANYONE...
The Dad I Never Got to Know
3 months ago
I will never know my father-in-law, except the stories my husband tells me. I can see pictures and videos, but I may not get the full picture ever of what kind of father he would be, both to my husban...