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Appreciate Your Mom Figure ❤️❤️❤️

Regardless of biology, almost all of us have someone we label Mom and I'm trying to get my head around what makes her (or him) so supportive and forgiving of us.

As humans in this day and age, it is important to be brought up in a selfless, yet self-loving. Loyal, yet reasonable. Understanding, yet understandable and imaginative, yet realistic.

And who better to show us how to be all of these things, than our our dearest yummy mummies and by that term I mean, from the woman who gave birth to you, to your big sis who shows the the roads, to the family friend who just wants to guide you in a way that is the best for you and your mentality...

Love, Love, LOVE!

Recently, I've noticed how much the mum sees past, how much she says "no matter what happens I will love you regardless," how many times she covers for us and  has our backs. She gives off a type of love that is real, natural, UNCONDITIONAL! It's beautiful :')

They show their love in many different forms, from cuddling us with a tight squeeze, to paying all they can afford for us to receive new experiences and have fun whilst all they receive is our smiles and our thank you's and to us it may not be much but seeing us content will light up our whole body and release endorphins which mummies feed off! I have, however, met ungrateful people which refuse to even give her that kind of reward!

Give her back what she's given to you, let her know that even though you don't have the presents and the money to make her happy you will respect her desires and hopes for her to feel content and let her know that she can count on you and trust you with situations and there's nothing like showing someone you care about them by trying to understand them and work with them so that they can reach happy heights.

Worry, worry, WORRY!!!

Where are you? What are you doing? When are you back? Who are you with?

Notoriously, she's a worrier. (Sounds like warrior, and she's that too!) and if she wasn't worrying about you then you should be worried..

Sometimes we can make bad decisions, from staying out later than she asked for you home, to taking "recreational" drugs at a party she specifically told you that you may NOT attend! Who knows what could happen? Because you certainly don't, and if you die the night you go to this party, for example, because of the drugs you may take could cause you to overheat or overdose then she will never forgive herself for letting you go, so think of her as much as she thinks of you or at least compromise and let her know often how you are and don't leave her worrying!

Sometimes other people make bad decisions, you could be the most "sensible" teen in the world but we don't know how "sensible" other people around us are; manipulators, liars, misleaders will do anything to help themselves and your feelings are out of the equations, stay woke and aware of who you chose to be around! Or even the people who aren't around us, the people that come from nowhere, we never knew existed... The ones that catch you off guard and can potentially scar us for life, as they fade back into the distance they make a permanent mark and impression on us, those are the ones she worries about.  

And she won't forgive herself if you are hurt by one of these. Especially as she knows that life is not fair, society will never be fair, yet she tries to explain, in an appropriate manner depending on your mentality and age, that not everything that happens to us or around us is a representation of how we deserve to be treated and therefore we should deal with happenings in such a reflective way and establish that we are worth more than what has happened and that some people cannot think in an empathic way; therefore we shall not waste our time on changing nasty people, we shall ignore and disassociate ourselves from such people.

Unexpected Abductions, Attacks, and Sexual Harassment

As a protector, she can't be watching you 24/7, and part of growing up is the releasing of us, we're slowly allowed freedom; however what prevents her from willingly letting us go without worry is the horror we see everyday on social media and news broadcasts, the harming, assaulting, and harassment of innocent children (and adults too), but these children who have suffered by any of these horrible acts were most likely cared about, worried about, and protected carefully by her but all it takes is that one demented person with a distorted view of the world, someone who has been brought up wrongly, or even rightly but has chosen to be such a violent person! If they harm you it will hurt her, maybe even worse than that person hurt you. And she's suffering so bad because all she tries to do is protect you, care about you and at the same time help you to be happy, to guide you, to help you develop and to give you increased freedom, because she can't keep you inside all your life with the fear of someome harming you. She can't wrap you in cotton wool for safety.

Instead, what she must do is teach you that there are nasty people in this world, with intentions of such negativity and with a sickening drive, to try and teach you to avoid any situation which may be unsafe, but at the same time reminding you that whatever happened wasn't from a fault of your own but because of bad people which are let off too lightly when the justice system steps in and tries to keep the dignity of this vile person. And that you are worth more than that and what happens or has happened does not define you as a person and also that you have the power to be who and what you want to be and feel what you want to feel, most importantly, keep reminding her that you are okay when you know you're safe so that she does not worry too much.

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Appreciate Your Mom Figure ❤️❤️❤️
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