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An Open Letter to My Dad

Forever a Daddy's Girl


I can remember when I was little and only had eyes for you. You could do no wrong, you were my superhero, and if anyone asked who I was going to marry when I was older, I told them, "my daddy!" Of course as I have grown up, our relationship has changed, but you are still, and always will be, the man who has my heart.

I am forever thankful to have such an amazing father who has stood by my side through all I have gone through and done in life. You have consistently shown me unconditional love and support that I will always be grateful for. Whether you stood in the audience as I sang and danced on stage, coached my basketball teams, or sat in the stands while I cheered, you were always there.

You taught me how to be tough when I need to, to defend myself when I need to, and to work hard for what I want.

Through my teenage angst years and into my young adult life, I have developed a new admiration for you that I never had as a child. I have watched you be an extremely hard working man, stopping at nothing to provide for his family. You have shown that no sacrifice is too big to make for your kids, and you have always protected us. You take being the man of the family to a whole new level.

Thank you for always helping me with my computer problems, and now that I drive, for always helping me with anything car related. Thank you for always being there for me to ramble to, and giving your best fatherly advice. Thank you for always protecting me and the rest of the family. The type of father you are is so rare and I am beyond blessed to be able to call you my dad. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a hard worker; a trait that seems to have skipped so many people in my generation. Thank you for being dedicated in all your kids do in every stage in their lives. These are things we will always remember and get to pass onto our own children some day.

I promise as I date, and one day get married and start my own family, you'll always be the man who has my heart, even if you don't think so! You are the first man I ever loved and it will always be that way.

There are times when I am extremely nervous about becoming an adult, but I remember the support system I have in our family and the anxiety eases. I look forward to when you and mom can watch your children start their own lives. I can't wait for you to walk me down the aisle one day (only after you give your permission, of course). I'm excited for the day when you become a nonno and share the same love you have always given to your own children to their children.

I hope, as we get older, you find more and more moments where you look at us and feel proud of not only what we have accomplished, but what your parenting has done for us and how far your love and support has pushed us. We do what we do for you and mom (almost) always, and I hope that shows through our successes. I will be lucky if the man I marry can be the same type of father that you have always been for us.


Your always daddy’s girl

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An Open Letter to My Dad
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