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A Tribute to a Friend

Gone, but not forgotten.

Belva Frances Carter

September 2, 1961 - April 14, 2011

Belva Frances Carter 49, of Saint Joseph, MO passed away Thursday April 14, 2011 at a Saint Joseph hospital. She was born September 2, 1961 in St. Joseph, Missouri daughter of Mildred & Joseph Schubert. She married Larry Carter on March 4, 1990. She was a devoted child care provider for over 15 years. Belva had a huge heart, and loved people and her child care kids, she loved to cook, garage sales, and taking care of children. She was a Christian. Belva was preceded in death by her father, Joseph R. Schubert, her mother, Mildred (Kerns) Iwed, and a brother, Billy Schubert. She is survived by son - Danny O. Bowman of Saint Joseph, MO; five brothers— Johnny, Mike, Steve, Timmy, and Buddy Schubert; and a sister—Linda Lawhorn, and her beloved dogs—Tucker, little Tuck, Nikki, Diesel, Sissy, and Klohe; The family will receive friends from 6-8pm, Monday at the Rupp Funeral Home. She will be cremated under the direction of the Rupp Funeral Home following the visitation. Memorials are requested to the Belva Carter Memorial fund in care of the Rupp Funeral Home. Online condolence and obituary at ruppfuneral.com

This is what was said about her death... but what about her life?

I met Belva back in I believe early 2001 when I was dating her son Danny. I really hadn't heard too much about his mother, but when I met her I thought she was a great lady. Over the months that I got to know her, I became really close to her. Over the years even after I broke up with her son we remained close. I talked to her every year for mothers day. I asked her if Danny had called her and if he did anything special for her that day. She would either tell me yes he did and what he did for her or she would tell me no he had to work, but he did call me. If you asked Belva she would tell you she had two kids, her son Danny and me... her daughter. She always wanted me to be her daughter-in-law. To her, my kids were her grandkids, even though they were not her sons' kids and I had them after we broke up. He was not someone that I wanted to have as the father of my children, but I would have loved to have her as a grandmother to my children. To us we were family. I didn't want to marry her son, he wanted to marry me, and she wanted him to marry me, but that's not what I wanted. I would have loved to have her as a mother-in-law though.

I have fond memories of going garage selling together. We didn't even take Danny with us. We all went out to eat all the time. Sometimes it was Danny, I, Belva, and her husband Larry. Sometimes it would be some friends from Danny's job as well. I admired her house it was really nice loved her bathroom. I looked at her master bathroom and saw what I would want in my home one day. I would even take a bath in it when her husband wasn't around. I helped her with chores she needed to be done and cleaning her house when she was at work. I went with her to her job and saw how all the little kids loved her. I wish she would have had grandkids she would have been a great grandma. Everyone loved her. She was a good friend and had a good life. she was always willing to help someone out. She helped a woman and her small kids get out of a bad home and put a roof over their heads tile the mom was back on her feet.

I miss you, Belva. You are forever in our hearts. 

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A Tribute to a Friend
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