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A Letter to My Sister

Happy Closer to Death Day

She looks like she 20, acts likes she's 55 but is actually turning 16. Who is she? Oh, that's sister  Dani. Today is a wonderful, glorious day because it marks the day our wonderful parents brought you into this world to;

  1. Steal all my things.
  2. Be a pain in my ass.
  3. Give me super long awkward hugs.
  4. Hang out in my room because you're weird and don't like your own room.
  5. Use all my makeup even though you have your own.
  6. Send me way too many memes when I'm at work or should be sleeping.
  7. Always come to the mall with me.
  8. Talk to me for hours.
  9. Say weird and awkward things.
  10. Act like me.
  11. Tell me when I'm wrong (or when you think I'm wrong).
  12. Correct my spelling.....always.
  13. Want to always hang out.
  14. Always ask for advice.
  15. Always want to make sure everything and everyone is okay.
  16. And always dance in the kitchen.

So that list MAY sound negative. but shut up.

  1. You're always stealing my things, but it's okay because you look beautiful in everything you take and it's so weird to see how you're turning into such a beautiful young woman.
  2. You are definitely the biggest pain in my ass but you keep me grounded and I can't thank you more for that.
  3. I don't like to be hugged by anyone unless I ask for them or offer them, but even though that is fact and I may not act like it, I love each and every one of your hugs because they feel like family.
  4. Yeah, it's weird to find you just in my room but it makes me smile because I get to hang out with you and I don't have to go find you in our house eating, like, cheese somewhere.
  5. You use my makeup, but honestly, you don't even need it; you're one of the most beautiful girls with or without it.
  6. I love the memes. Keep sending cause I'm just gonna keep sending more back. Thanks for the laughs, buddy.
  7. Even though we both HATE the mall we always manage to have a good time making fun of stupid people and clothes that are stupid.
  8. You can listen to me rant for hours and I don't know how to thank you enough for it.
  9. If you didn't have your weird noises and awkward encounters I think I would die because I need to hear those stories because are great. 
  10. Whether you like it or not you tend to do similar things to me, and we are definitely not the same but I do enjoy that fact that we act like each other.
  11. Even though it makes me want to punch you in the mouth sometimes, thank you for correcting me when I'm wrong; even though I'm older I need the help and you're always there for me. 
  12. If you didn't, it would be an issue. So thanks for always having my back. You have saved me from a lot of embarrassing posts.
  13. You always wanna hang out and the running sentence is, "hey, haven't seen you in a while... wanna hang out?" It makes me laugh every time and of course, I always wanna hang out LOL.
  14. I feel honored when you ask me for advice, even though you don't always take it... 
  15. Thank you for having a soul and caring about other people before yourself. It's quite refreshing.
  16. The dance parties we host in the kitchen will forever be amazing memories that I will cherish forever. I love our silliness.

I love you Dani doddle. You're my best friend. You're my sister and I will always be your older sister to help you through any obstacles you may encounter. You can always look up to me, if you want to, but honestly I find myself looking up to you more lately. Simply thank you for being you. Happy birthday, nugget, I love this day because it's the day I was given a sister. Happy birthday. I love you. 

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A Letter to My Sister
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