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A Letter from Hurt Kids to Their Daddy

We love you Daddy. When are you coming home?

Why did you leave us?

Dear Daddy, why did you leave us? We had so much in our lives we wanted to share with you. We want to know what its like to be called your kids, to have family dinners, and to have a family game night. We want you for our field trips, school plays, programs, JROTC events, and strings concerts. You are not here for any of these things. You are not here to take us to the park, movies, or arcades. You are not here to teach us to shoot a gun, how to fish, or how to camp. You are not here to play Santa, to make us believe in miracles, and to make us believe in love. You are not here to ask us about our day. You are not here to give us relationship advice. You are not here to hear us vent. You are not here for Parent's Day, Father's Day, go to work with your parent day, our birthdays, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. You barely know our lives; we barely know ours. We watch our mom being alone on Valentine's Day and anniversaries—wishing that you were here.

Dad, why did you have to go? Weren't we important enough to make you stay? Why did you have to talk to those people? Why did you have to worry about everyone else rather than your family? Why weren't we enough to make you stay with us? Don't you want to stay with us forever? Why didn't you spend more time with us? Why didn't you play with us more? Now you can't play with us; no more Dragon Ball or Marvel games. We had so much fun with you, Daddy. It makes us angry that you left us. It makes us angry that you talked to these other kids instead of us. We were the ones you needed to be with. We were the ones you needed to know.

We had dreams of playing video games with you. We had such fun playing games with you. Remember mom cooking and singing in the kitchen and watching us play together? Remember the games we used to play? Remember when you watched us for mom? Remember when we were at your mom's house and you took us to the park and you and mom watched us? Remember us with you and Chance in his room watching the TV with you?

We miss you, we love you, Daddy. You hurt us when you went away. Do you ever think about us? Do you just wonder about us?

Dad, when will you come home to us? Will you promise to stay with us? Will you promise to not leave us again? Will you always be here Daddy? We need you to stay here with us forever and love us and protect us, keep us safe and happy.

We feel so sad with you being gone, we ask mommy how much longer you will be gone. We feel like we don't know anything about you coming home. Why does it take it forever? Why can't you just be home already? Don't you want to be home with us? Don't you want to be home with your wife? We want our family back!

When you come home we are going to make you watch our movies, like you have to watch Frozen and Avengers. Mommy will make you watch Johnny Depp. You will like what we like too right Daddy? We will watch The Walking Dead with you all the ones we missed, and we will talk about the zombies that we will fight off. We would make a good team right Daddy? You, mommy, and us?

Love Always,

Your Kids

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A Letter from Hurt Kids to Their Daddy
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