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7 Essentials Every Baby Needs

Aids Every Child Needs During the Growing up Years

Having a child is indeed the biggest joy in the world. Becoming a parent is like being given a chance to play God, since your child is going to be totally dependent on you until the time he/she matures. Those magical words which every woman wants to happily say someday are “I’m Pregnant!” And when that happens, along comes a phase of excitement, health care, and advice from close ones. Husbands become more aware of their wives’ needs and the love the couple share increases many fold as both dream of having a beautiful and healthy child. Such is the power of a baby!

When a baby can bring such positive energy to our lives, shouldn’t it be our duty and first priority to provide the child every little thing he/she needs? From the correct nutrition to the correct education, parents should take care of all the things which play a pivotal role during the early years of a child’s life, be it proper clothes, safe and enjoyable toys or a healthy growing environment.

Here’s a list of the 7 most essential things babies need while growing up:

  1. Food Grade Feeders – These include feeding bottles, small plates and spoons specially designed for babies. Parents should take care while buying such things that they’re made of good grade plastic. Since babies try to nibble their feeders, if they are not up-to-mark, they may prove to be harmful.
  2. Super Soft clothes – Babies’ skin is extremely soft, hence the clothes that are designed for them are made from cloth which is tender and does not braise the skin. 100 percent cotton is the most popular choice, so is hosiery. Proper care should be taken to ensure that baby clothes are soft, easily washable and of course colorful.
  3. Teething aids – When babies start to grow teeth, their gums feel very itchy. At this stage they often keep nibbling their or their parents’ hands and fingers and also their clothes and bib. However, their hands and clothes might not always be clean. Hence, they should be given teething aids. These are colorful soft items made from food-grade flexible plastic filled with jelly. They come in different shapes to attract babies and their material is not harmful if the baby tries to chew them.
  4. Proper toiletries – Baby soaps, shampoos, creams, powders and lotions are designed such that they do not harm the skin or eyes. While bathing or otherwise if the baby accidentally consumes little quantities of such products, then too, they aren’t harmful. It is important to keep the baby clean and moisturized so parents should always keep such products handy.
  5. Age-specific Toys – Toys are every bit as essential for babies as other things. They stimulate their visual and hearing capabilities and also improve their reflexes. Thus, make sure you provide your babies toys specific to their age and keep updating them as the child’s understanding improves.
  6. A healthy environment – Even if you don’t, your child pays attention to every word you say and every move you make. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the child is too young to understand what’s happening around him/her. What he/she sees will become a way of life for him/her. Thus, make sure you use the proper language, proper hand-face gestures, and good habits in front of the child if you want him/her to learn the same. Preaching one thing and practicing another won’t go a long way.
  7. Love & Attention – Above all, a baby needs your love and constant attention. Material things can only give limited comfort. Nothing soothes the baby as much as a hug, gentle pats on the back, your playful cuddles, and tons of kisses. Offer you child the reassurance of your touch as much as you can. Safe physical bonding with the child helps build trust.

Keep the care coming...

I am a mother and I’ve compiled this list through personal experience. Every one of the above mentioned things is important to ensure your child’s all-round development and well-being.

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7 Essentials Every Baby Needs
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