5 Things I Have Learned About Being a Stay at Home Parent

It is not for the faint of heart.

Parents all around the world stay at home to take care of their children. Whether it's a decision made by both parents or just as a result of wanting to be home with the kids. Stay at home parents don't get the credit they should from most people. Staying home to raise a family is hard. It's a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week job. I say job because...it definitely is a job. You are on a round-the-clock schedule; wake up, make sure the kids eat, clean, dishes, play and bonding time, clean, lunch, clean, educational time, make sure kids don't have tantrums over silly things, make sure they are safe, dinner, clean, baths, clean, get them to bed and clean some more. We do it every day. All day. It's a repeating cycle that continues even after they are in school. Raising tiny humans is hard. You put them first, above all else. Here are 5 things I have learned from being a stay at home parent:

1. It is okay to have alone time...

Whether you need to catch your breath or just need some time to clear your mind, it is okay to leave your children alone for 5 minutes. Catch your breath or clear your mind. You deserve it.

2. Toddlers are crazy...

Having a toddler is insane. They will test your every limit. They will have moments that they do not listen and act like little teenagers. But, they are still learning. Take it easy on them. This stage doesn't last forever and honestly, you will miss it when they are actual teenagers.

3. Make time for your spouse too...

Your spouse also works hard to provide for your family. They give up their day to go to work, which takes time away from being home and spending time with family. Have a family day out or spend all day in your pajamas and catch up on some family movies with some popcorn.

4. Having friends is essential...

Being a stay at home parent comes with a lot of staying home. It gets depressing at times, especially when you are home day in and day out. Go out and make some friends. Whether it's online or at a park, make friends that also have kids and stay home a lot. You can bond with friends over little playdates with your kids.

5. Live and laugh...

Live in the moment and cherish every part of being a stay at home parent. Although it gets crazy, you have tiny humans looking up to you. Be their role model. They don't stay kids forever, even though they will always be your babies. Cherish every moment, because anything can happen.

So there you have it: 5 things I have learned about being a stay at home parent. It is a job within itself. Don't forget that it won't last forever. Stay strong even in the little moments that you might be going a little crazy. Learn to cherish those moments, even when you want to forget about them. Life is crazy and raising tiny humans is also crazy. But they look up to us and we do the best we can. 

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5 Things I Have Learned About Being a Stay at Home Parent
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